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The Art of Human Senses in Evaluating Consumer Products

Hauser & Associates has extensive experience in sensory testing across a variety of categories including:

•  Cosmetics and fine fragrances

•  Health and beauty products

•  Household products

•  Food and beverages

We are experienced at choosing the best experimental design for your test objective. Having conducted hundreds of monadic, sequential monadic and proto-monadic sensory studies , we are skilled at developing the proper questionnaire and product rotation plans to not only ensure strict quality control, but also save you money.

We understand the need for strict control of extraneous variables (color, temperature, test environment, etc.) in the evaluation process and have developed strict protocols to ensure that the testing environment is appropriate for each client’s needs. To maintain quality control throughput the process, our seasoned staff visits field sites to confirm testing specifications are being followed.

We are creative in providing a “real-world” environment to a “test-world” reality.

Some recent surveys include:

•  A taste test to identify the most appealing barbeque sauce for     chicken wings

•  A sniff test to determine the best fragrance for a women’s deodorant

•  An in-store sampling test to evaluate the appeal of a new chocolate candy

•  A sniff test to identify the best scent for an aerosol air freshener

Of note, our off-site packaging facility is capable of handling all product related needs such as labeling, re-packaging, and shipping. We are knowledgeable about US shipping regulations and happy to assist clients with customs and dangerous goods waivers if required.

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