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Early Stage Concept Generation & Optimization

Concept Builder helps build products and brands by identifying an optimum set of attributes.

Concepts may be viewed as sets or combinations of attributes. At the early stage of concept development, there may be hundreds or even thousands of different ways in which attributes can be combined to form bundles. Concept Builder identifies optimal concept bundles from large numbers of possibilities.

It is not feasible from a cost and timing point of view to test each of the hundreds or thousands of possible concepts that could result from a given set of attributes. Concept Builder helps solve this problem by using a computer-aided process to rate a large group of concepts using consumer purchase intent data obtained about only a fraction of them. 

The Concept Builder computer Model utilizes purchase intent data to: 

•  Evaluate the relative importance of each concept benefit (any significant part of a concept) in generating purchase interest.

 Identify of the best option (alternatives for each benefit) for each benefit. 

•  Provide purchase intent scores for every possible bundle or combination of options.

At the end of the Concept Builder process, all of the possible concepts are ranked by purchase interest. The highest ranked ones can then be advanced to more elaborate concept or concept-product testing. The rankings allow you to select the best "do-able" ones based on additional criteria besides purchase intent (i.e., product cost, manufacturing capability, development timing). 

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