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A Modular Approach to Concept/Product Testing

ScreenPlus is a proven, standardized concept testing system that provides diagnostic versatility and sales volume projections. ScreenPlus adheres to the rigorous parameters of a standardized concept testing system while offering the necessary customization on a project-by-project basis.

Depending on when ScreenPlus is employed in the new product process, its modular system allows a client to start with a basic range of concept testing evaluations, and when necessary, add additional research modules to provide enhanced diagnostics.


The ScreenPlus Foundation Module uses recognized and proven testing measures for a thorough evaluation of concept performance. Optional analytical modules can be added which use proprietary models and proven multivariate statistical techniques to produce a more comprehensive understanding of response to concepts, products and associated marketing plans. The Volumetric Module utilizes the proprietary H&A Planning Model to develop year one and on-going dollar and unit sales estimates. Clients can also select Attribute Analysis, Positioning, and Product Evaluation modules. ScreenPlus is a powerful marketing tool that offers a comprehensive quantitative assessment of concepts and products.

ScreenPlus can be used for ad hoc concept evaluation or it can be developed as a system for on-going testing of all new concepts.

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